Jose Moreno on Home Equity

Understanding mortgage rates and home equity can be pretty complex... but it's extremely important for homebuyers and homeowners to understand their financial options in order to create their best strategies for buying a house or financing renovations.

Jose Moreno is an expert in mortgage origination in the Sarasota Florida area, and he's sharing details about rates, lending, and 'untapped value' that will give buyers and owners new insight into home financing.

Whether you are planning to finance the purchase of a home or you are an existing homeowner with untapped equity, there is a lot to know about mortgage lending and home equity lines of credit. With the fluctuation in rates over the past year, there are even more questions about accessing capital for home buying and through homeownership.

Jose Moreno is an expert in mortgage origination based in Sarasota Florida. In this three-episode series, he explains what you need to know about your home's equity, securing a mortgage, and the questions to ask when you are considering a loan whether it is a mortgage or HELOC.

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