Workers are flowing to the South

Newly released data indicate that workers are flocking to Sarasota for business opportunity, tracking with the economic growth in the South that is outpacing all other regions in the U.S. According to LinkedIn's January 2024 Workforce Report, Sarasota and Tampa are the top metro areas that workers are moving to.
The high popularity of our region continues to rise as residents of all life stages are attracted to our climate, cultural amenities, and business environment. As more residents relocate to Sarasota, our housing market demand grows, as we've seen across all price bands for several years. The high volume of new construction projects is a response to the high demand that we have sustained and the anticipation of greater residential growth ahead. Residential growth tends to foster even greater business opportunity and also expands the local tax base that contributes to vital infrastructure like roadways and schools.
Read the full report in Business Insider here and contact us for information on relocating to or buying a house in Sarasota:

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