Get on the Water with Freedom Boat Club

Want to know how to enjoy boating without the hassle of being a boat owner? Freedom Boat Club, started in Sarasota in 1989, is the solution for anyone who loves the water but doesn't want the responsibility of owning and maintaining a boat.


Freedom Boat Club is a membership-based organization that gives its members access to boats in Sarasota and more than 350 locations around the world. There are so many benefits to being a Freedom Boat Club member beyond the use of the vessels. Members get training and certification in operating boats inshore and offshore. Plus, there are member social events on and off the water both in Sarasota and vacation destinations.

There are Freedom Boat Clubs in Florida, up and down the East Coast, in the Caribbean, and in Europe. Whether you are interested in boat access as a local or when you are vacationing elsewhere, this is a great option for enjoying life on the water.

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