Making Top Dollar for Your Home Sale

There's no doubt that this is a hot sellers' market. In Sarasota and other markets, there's an inventory shortage (not enough homes on the market!) and that puts sellers in a premium position when they do decide to list. But, there are essential considerations that will get you the most money for your home sale, and that's what I'm here to talk about.

If you want to make the most on selling your home, it's important to understand how well it will compare to other homes that are similar... that's called reviewing the comps.

It's also very important to consider timing and strategic presentation, like improvements and staging. Presentation is critical to buyers, even in a market like this, so making the effort to stage your home property may result in a bigger pay off.

But, understanding what's necessary for your specific property is important. That's why working with an established professional will bring you the most value. Because the market is so hot right now, a lot of new agents have joined the industry and some are offering discounted commissions in order to get clients. For the most part, you get what you pay for... working with someone who has established relationships with professionals and prospective buyers is a better deal than working with someone who has more promises than expertise.

It IS a hot sellers' market, but to get the most for your property, take a little time to research the strategy that offers you the highest return. If you've got any questions about listing or about the market here in Sarasota, Florida, just let me know. I'm here to help!

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