Meet Top Designer, Joe Human

Meet top interior designer Joe Human and get access to his design guide, one of our exclusive resources for residents of Sarasota Florida and beyond. Joe Human is a renowned designer with extensive expertise in South Florida and New York, one of the world's most prestigious markets for luxury home design.


Top considerations for design include how you intend to use your property and the space within, and of course what your budget is. Some clients want design that will enhance resale potential, while others want design customized to their lifestyle, whether that is upscale or casual. How do you find an interior designer? It depends on you and your home.

For new construction, clients often find a designer through their realtor or through the developer since the properties are offered as blank slates. If you live in an existing home and want it to be updated, renovated, or restyled, you may be more likely to contact a designer directly. Either way, access to a resource like Joe Human's design guide helps take a lot of mystery out of the process so that you know what to expect.

Enjoy this interior design video and expert Joe Human, and download his incredible design guide by clicking here.

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