Home Inspection RED FLAGS

The market is so hot in Sarasota right now that some buyers are waiving home inspections. But, no matter what type of purchase you're making, it's worth knowing what a home inspection is all about and what red flags you most want to watch for.

Home inspection rules are specific to each state, so it's especially important to pay attention to these details if you're relocating to Florida from another place.

Home inspections are designed to protect the buyer against costly repairs and defects that may affect the value of the property. Some of the biggest things to look out for are roof repairs and electrical wiring issues because these can create major expenses for new homeowners and can also affect safety.

Even if you're an all-cash buyer planning to gut and renovate your new home, it's worth understanding what's in a home inspection and how potential issues could impact the value of your purchase.

Questions about home inspections or the purchase process in Florida? Just let me know!

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