If you're buying waterfront property, this is the update for you. People LOVE waterfront homes... of course! The views, the convenient access, and the luxury aspect of living on the water are all reasons why waterfront property costs more. Plus, it's harder to come by because there just aren't as many waterfront lots as there are inland lots.


The top tip that I have right now for buying waterfront property in Sarasota Florida, is to act quickly.

If you have the interest in living in a waterfront home and the budget for it, you need to be prepared to act without hesitation as soon as any waterfront listing goes live. That includes properties that need a little - or a lot of - renovation.

Location is everything with these listings, and there are many eager buyers ready to pay to get access to the water regardless of a home's condition, so if you want to buy a waterfront home, you should know the reality that you'll be competing with. Because Sarasota has so many waterfront options - from the Gulf and Bay to lakes, there are a lot of waterfront options.

If you've got a question about how to find these listings and act quickly on them, just let me know!

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