From noon today, April 26th, to noon tomorrow there’s a special fundraising drive to support the Bay Park! This beautiful park is one of my favorite Sarasota amenities. Please join me in this giving challenge to help build one park for all in Sarasota to enjoy.

If you’re new to Sarasota or just learning about the Bay Park, it is an extraordinary community-led effort to create a contiguous green space along Sarasota Bay. The park is free and open to the public and it connects some of our most beloved arts venues, celebrating both Sarasota’s prestigious performing arts culture and the natural beauty of our shoreline. For more information on programming at the Bay, click here or visit

To participate in today's giving challenge, please follow the link here. Your gift of any amount makes a great difference in ensuring a safe and clean shoreline that all in Sarasota can enjoy for generations to come.


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