If you're thinking about buying new construction, watch this video! New construction homes have a lot of appeal because they are fresh and often include the latest luxuries that developers and designers can incorporate.

BUT, there are a few caveats and considerations that you need to have in mind before you buy new construction.

For one thing, the experience and size of the developer may have an impact on the project completion. Sometimes market forces beyond the developer's control can affect project financing... and that affects how long a project may take to complete and, in the worst case, whether it is completed at all.

New construction can come with a few risks, BUT there are a lot of benefits too. The integration of modern features like smart home technologies, and thoughtful design adaptations are easier to find in new buildings than they are in some older construction.

Developers are not usually negotiable on price, but they may offer incentives to early buyers, so it is worth considering those in your contract. Including upgrades or having your first year of HOA dues paid by the developer may add value in lieu of a price negotiation.

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