Learn the best places to live in Sarasota, Florida!

If you want to know where to live in Sarasota, watch this video to get key information on the lay of the land, including where specific neighborhoods are, how much house you can get for your money, and the neighborhoods that will match your lifestyle.

Whether you want to live on the water or be close to great schools, Sarasota has everything you could want! From ultra-luxury celebrity enclaves like Longboat Key to the Downtown arts and cultural Rosemary District, there are so many great options that combine beautiful home styles, scenic natural beauty, and the convenience of walking to amenities like shops and restaurants. Plus, Sarasota is close to Tampa and other Florida cities that expand the conveniences and amenities you'll find locally.

Check out this guide to Sarasota and let me know of any questions on finding the best place to live.

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