Expert Insight on the Changes to Florida Property Insurance

In this video, we're talking with Omar Calderon of CALARI about Florida property insurance and the types of insurance that homeowners need to consider.

There are a lot of questions right now about Florida insurance and flood insurance in certain markets, and there are real issues for buyers to consider.

Understanding whether a home you are interested in is in a flood zone is essential, especially if you are borrowing money to make the purchase. Mortgage lenders will require details on flood maps, and buyers should be aware of the potential risks for themselves. Citizens insurance is one of the options that we discuss in this video. It is the insurance that is provided by the state of Florida when there are no commercial options available. Knowing how your property can be indemnified and the costs associated with insurance premiums is important in calculating your home budget whether you are an entry-level or affluent buyer.

In this video, Omar shares in-depth insight on the requirements that buyers need to be aware of and the ways that Florida's insurance options have changed. 

If you have questions about homeowners' or property insurance, please reach out to let me know. I'm here to help and to connect you with experts like Omar who can address any question that affects your potential purchase or sale.

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