I am so grateful to have Valerie Green on the MKT Team. She has been a true blessing since she joined us a few months ago. Not only is Valerie fantastic at her job, she fills the room with loving and positive energy.

Taking time for family during the first few weeks after my daughter's birth would not have been possible without Valerie. Her energy and attention to detail have been invaluable in keeping the team on track and serving our clients. Valerie, thanks for your hard work - it is much appreciated!

Are you new to Sarasota or thinking of relocating to our beautiful city? Valerie joined the MKT Team as a new resident of Sarasota just after she moved from Maryland. She is a great resource for anyone considering a move or exploring the possibilities here in our home and job markets. If you'd like a no-pressure chat with someone who's been through a move recently, click here to get in touch with Valerie.

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