Are you thinking of buying a home in Florida this year? Here are a few key things that you should consider if you're ready to buy a Florida property in 2021...

For one thing, the market in Florida (and especially Sarasota) is HOT because there are so many people from around the country relocating here. The natural lifestyle amenities like climate and outdoor living are a big draw, plus the tax advantages are making Florida even more appealing. So buying right now can be advantageous because you lock in current pricing before rising demand makes home prices go even higher. The other part of that is your own home's appreciation as the market values continue to rise.

While there are a LOT of advantages to buying in Florida this year, there are a few cons to consider as well. Since the market is hot, it's a competitive environment for buyers. That means you need to be prepared well in advance with research on your preferred neighborhoods, getting your finances in order, and knowing what contingencies you may be willing to accept in order to close a deal quickly.

The right guidance makes all the difference in this market. If you have any questions about relocating to Florida or becoming a homebuyer here, let me know how I can help. It never hurts to ask!

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