A lot of people wonder if Florida cities like Sarasota are filled with only older residents. It's a legitimate question - historically and even now, Florida is a major retirement destination for seasonal residents and permanent relocation. It's not just because of the comfortable living environment and warm weather, but also because of the favorable property and estate taxes that you've seen me talk about before.

BUT, the answer to that question for Sarasota is 'no!' Sarasota has a vibrant and diverse community of residents spanning all ages, life stages, and life styles. 

While we do have a seasonal population of second-home residents, we have a diverse and very large year-round population so there's never a time in the year when Sarasota feels 'closed down' until next year. One of the aspects that makes Sarasota attractive for anyone, including seasonal residents, is our vibrant cultural calendar.

Since the pandemic spurred out-of-state moves for a lot of people, we've seen a surge in more young people and young families relocating to the area. New construction, a walkable downtown, and Florida's top-ranking public school system are all major draws.

If you want to know more about what it's like to live in Sarasota, just let me know!

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