Sarasota's popularity is on the rise for so many reasons. Our affordability, climate, natural beauty, and cultural amenities are incredible draws for visitors and especially for new residents who continue to migrate out of other states for the tax-favorability and lifestyle appeal here in Florida.

Historic preservation is another unique reason that many of us love Sarasota. The distinctive architecture centered around the Mid-Century movement known as the Sarasota School of Architecture, enhances Sarasota's built environment with an aesthetic that evokes both modern design and vintage style.

The New York Times recently featured Sarasota among its annual list of 52 places to visit alongside exotic locales like Gambia, New Zealand, and Vanuatu. This year's Times list emphasizes destinations where visitors 'can be part of the solution to problems like over-tourism and climate change.'

Architecture Sarasota receives a special mention in the Times' write up for its role in preserving and highlighting the iconic Mid-Century buildings that represent the work of Paul Rudolph, Ralph Twitchell, Philip Hiss, Gene Leedy, Carl Abbott, Victor Lundy and Jack West. The organization is also complimented for its work to promote sustainability that honors and preserves the tropical beauty in and around Sarasota.

Click here to explore the Times' coverage of Sarasota and the full 2022 list of places to visit.

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