One of my favorite things about living in Sarasota is all of the great things to do here! And that includes the clubs that offer special amenities for tennis, golf, aquatics, boating, and more.

Sarasota's membership clubs offer amazing things to do. My absolute favorite club is the Longboat Key Club, but I also love the Sarasota Yacht Club, Ritz-Carlton Beach Club, and one of our newest clubs, Waterworks.

Joining a membership club in Sarasota is a wonderful way to enjoy our local amenities and to add to your social calendar. There are many options, from beachfront dining and award-winning golf courses, to clubs that are specific for boaters.

Reciprocity is a special advantage to consider, especially if you enjoy leisure in other markets. If you have questions about joining a Sarasota club or would like an introduction to one of my club contacts, please let me know!

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