MIT Executive Education

Over the last eight weeks, I've enjoyed instruction from the MIT Executive Education program offered through the Sloan School of Management. My focus in this coursework was the macroeconomic concepts that influence business and how to apply economic concepts to analyzing the real estate market. I'm proud to have completed the coursework and to have earned a certificate from MIT, but I'm even more appreciative of the learning experience and the greater insight I can offer my clients.

The macroeconomic concepts affecting real estate are profound and have become even more obvious over the last several years. Notably, labor force changes, climate, and interest rate fluctuations drive significant shifts in housing trends and prices. As more and more residents arrive in Florida and Sarasota's popularity continues to escalate, it's essential for me to offer my clients the most acute expertise possible. I'm happy to answer your questions about our real estate market and our region's economic outlook - just let me know how I can help you.

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