Your Guide to Private Flight in and around Sarasota

Private flight is a luxurious option that is especially convenient to and from Sarasota. Whether you are a frequent business or leisure traveler or simply prefer to avoid commercial flight, there are several options to consider here.

In this video, we welcome leading aviation consultant Tom Lelyo, who offers his expertise on navigating private travel in and through Sarasota.

Flying privately is a luxury that goes beyond the aircraft - the options for take off, landing, and international access are important considerations if you prefer to avoid commercial flight. And Sarasota has fantastic options.

There are two private airports in service now and a third in development (anticipated completion in 2023) to accommodate the increasing demand for private flights.

Private flights range from low-altitude limited range options that can get you to Miami or the Keys for a quick day trip to chartered jets for more extensive travel. The options for accessing private travel are varied as well. If your needs are limited to a few times a year, chartering a flight on occasion may be the best options, whereas more frequent travel may warrant the purchase of a jet charter card that offers fractional ownership of a fleet that you can access flexibly depending on your needs.

The ultimate privilege is the exclusive purchase of a high-end private aircraft, and like luxury real estate, there is a broad range of price points and options to explore.

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