I'm here to tell you all about working in Sarasota Florida, from what kind of local employment opportunities there are to the benefits of running your own business in our great community. In one of my latest videos, I'm sharing what the job market is actually like and the types of industries that are thriving in Sarasota.

The pandemic has driven so much population growth to Sarasota and to Florida, in large part because... we have NO state income tax!

That's a big deal, of course. And Sarasota is especially attractive to young professionals and families who want to plant roots in a community with cultural amenities as well as great schools and natural beauty like beaches and trails.


There are quite a few significant businesses headquartered in and around Sarasota and we have a major hospital that supports a lot of health care employment.

While we are very attractive to tourists, especially for spots like Siesta Key Beach, our economy is not based on tourism and hospitality... so there are plenty of year-round professional opportunities to support your move to Sarasota.

Check out an overview here and let me know of questions you have about working in Sarasota or if you would like to connect to a professional network as you consider moving to the area.

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