So many people have questions about Florida's seasons... like whether or not we have them! The answer here in Sarasota is YES! We have beautiful seasonal changes, and fall is one of the best times of year to be here.

One of my favorite things about fall in Sarasota is the drop in humidity. The sunrises are absolutely stunning and the sunsets are spectacular, especially since we are on the western coast of Florida looking across the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico.

With the change in seasons, Sarasota becomes even more full of life because our snow birds return. While we have a very large year-round population, there is a noticeable shift in the number of people out and about enjoying Sarasota's beautiful setting and activities. More people add to the vibrancy here and, of course, the increasing population benefits our many business owners including the shops and restaurants in Downtown Sarasota.

I absolutely love the fall here and the sense that the seasons are changing. If you haven't visited Sarasota in the autumn months, come on down and check out what it's like to be here with low humidity, stunning tropical skies from dawn to dusk, and a calendar filled with al fresco charm.

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