Whenever you're thinking of moving or checking out a new place, it's natural to ask about the cost of living. With so many people moving to Sarasota from other markets, this is a question I've been getting A LOT. The good news is that Sarasota is a very affordable market, especially when you consider the incredible natural and cultural amenities that you get to enjoy here. Florida in general is a relatively affordable state because we don't have a state income tax. But even in comparison to other cities in Florida that have the same tax benefit - cities like Miami and Naples - Sarasota has an affordability advantage plus the benefits of crystal blue waters, powdery white sand, and a thriving downtown and cultural scene.

Check out my cost of living video and, of course, let me know if you have specific questions about living in Sarasota and the areas that may be best for your lifestyle. You may be thrilled to discover the incredible luxuries available to you here!

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