After a bit of back and forth, the city and Selby Gardens have reached a deal that approves the expansion of Sarasota’s beloved downtown botanical garden. When the expansion was first proposed, some residents registered concerns about the scale of the project, fearing that new buildings and traffic would be too much for their adjacent neighborhood. Now that the plan has been modified, there’s enthusiastic agreement about moving ahead with a groundbreaking as early as this spring.

The first part of the expansion will include a new welcome center, research facilities, and an eco-friendly parking garage with a gift shop and restaurant. These additions will bring more visitors to Selby, but will also be great amenities for locals who enjoy the garden on a regular basis. As a nature lover, I really enjoy walking through Selby and planning picnic dates, and I love impressing out-of-towners with the ability to walk from downtown straight into such a magical setting. It’s a truly unique urban amenity.

Read more about the latest project status here and stay tuned for updates!

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